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Discover Unparalleled Accommodation in Blackheath at Gardner’s Inn: Tailored Comfort and Luxury Await.

Staying at Gardner’s Inn, where accommodation in Blackheath, NSW, transcends traditional lodging. We pride on offering diverse and thoughtfully designed rooms that recognise the uniqueness of every traveler. Choose from an array of accommodations tailored to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalised experience throughout your stay.

At Gardner’s Inn, we go beyond providing a place to stay – we offer comfort and luxury, creating meticulously designed havens that make your time with us memorable and indulgent. Conveniently located in Blackheath, our inn serves as a gateway for dining, and entertainment. Our exceptional service, commitment to personalised experiences, and complimentary parking make us the ideal choice for those seeking more than just accommodation. Book your stay at Gardner’s Inn and immerse yourself in the difference of tailored lodging in the heart of Blackheath.

Room Amenities: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience

The 23 uniquely adorned rooms each boast modern amenities such as TVs with digital channels, providing a range of entertainment options. Experience the comfort of living rooms and dining areas, complemented by the convenience of available coffee/tea makers. Please note that housekeeping services are limited, ensuring your privacy while still maintaining a welcoming and tidy atmosphere.

Excellence in Housekeeping:

Tailored to Your Needs To preserve the sanctity of your personal space, we offer limited housekeeping, ensuring that your privacy is honoured while still delivering essential services to maintain the immaculateness of your retreat. Our dedicated housekeeping team is devoted to establishing an environment where you can unwind, relax, and maximise your time away.

Room Options:

Acknowledging the uniqueness of every traveler, our varied selection of room choices exemplifies this recognition. Pick from a range of carefully planned accommodations to match your preferences and shape a personalised experience throughout your stay.

Bunkbed with Shared Bathroom:

In this accommodation option, you’ll find a bunk bed setup, making it an ideal choice for individuals exploring on their own or those who prefer a more intimate setting. The shared bathroom adds a communal touch, providing a cost-effective and social accommodation experience. This option caters to those who value both practicality and a cozy atmosphere during their stay.

Accommodation in Blackheath offers a unique blend of comfort and natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Blue Mountains, our lodging options provide an ideal retreat for those seeking a tranquil escape.

Standard Double with Shared Bathroom:

The Standard Double with Shared Bathroom is thoughtfully equipped to meet your needs. While promoting cost-effectiveness, the shared bathroom adds a communal touch, fostering a friendly atmosphere among guests.

Accommodation in Blackheath caters to various preferences, and our Standard Double with Shared Bathroom is ideal for couples or individuals seeking both comfort and convenience in this charming locale.

Standard Double with Ensuite:

For seeking a heightened level of comfort and privacy, our Standard Double with Ensuite provides an elevated experience in the heart of Blackheath. This luxury accommodation in Blackheath ensures a memorable and indulgent stay amidst the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Choose the Standard Double with Ensuite to elevate your experience in Blackheath, where the emphasis is on providing memorable accommodation in Blackheath. Your stay in Blackheath is designed to be memorable and truly exceptional.

Family Room with Ensuite:

A spacious retreat thoughtfully designed to accommodate families, ensuring comfort for all members. Experience a relaxing stay in Blackheath with the added convenience of a private ensuite for your family’s exclusive use. This option is tailored for families who value togetherness and the luxury of private facilities.

Interconnecting Family Room with Ensuite:

They are tailored for larger groups or families valuing togetherness and privacy. The interconnecting rooms offer the flexibility to stay close while enjoying individual spaces and the luxury of private ensuite facilities. Perfect for those seeking a harmonious blend of shared moments and personal retreats.

Standard Single with Shared Bathroom:

Experience the charm of Blackheath comfortably and cost-effectively. This option provides a snug sanctuary for solo adventurers looking to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the Blue Mountains.

Large Family Room with Ensuite:

An expansive option for families seeking ample space and the luxury of a private ensuite. This accommodation ensures that your family has the room to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of Blackheath. Ideal for those who desire a spacious and comfortable retreat while exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Complimentary Parking:

To add to the allure of our historic inn, we offer the convenience of free parking for our guests. This amenity is not only a practical benefit but also a rare find in historic locales. Rest easy knowing that your vehicle is secure, allowing you to explore the charm of Blackheath and its surroundings with ease.

Why Choose Gardner’s Inn?

At Gardner’s Inn, where staying with us means experiencing unrivaled and luxury accommodation in Blackheath, NSW. We’ve created an environment that goes beyond just providing a place to stay – it’s a tailored experience crafted for your ultimate satisfaction. Our historic inn in Blackheath offers a selection of individually decorated rooms, each uniquely designed to provide a haven of relaxation and style. From bunkbed options ideal for solo travellers to spacious family rooms with ensuites, Gardner’s Inn accommodates diverse preferences. Immerse yourself in a retreat that goes beyond the ordinary, where the essence of Gardner’s Inn lies in creating an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

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